It is the weekend of the Azores Trail Run Triangle Adventure. Three days of trail running, Friday on Pico, Saturday São Jorge and on Sunday in Faial. If you want to cheer the runners, then Capelinhos is the place to be. Ongoing are the lectures on the history of Faial organized by the Association for Sustainable Tourism. There is more history to explore, visit the Forte Santa Cruz, nowadays the Hotel Pousada Forte da Horta. Also the month of music has not yet come to an end, check out the concerts. On Saturday morning there is a charity book sale in the market, on the afternoon the flower fair in the Casa Manuel de Arriaga. If you are not a trail runner, but want to move, then join the charity walk on the occasion of Pink October. Why not doing something for the environment, there is a coastal clean up in Fajã and a riverbed clean up in Cedros. The movie season in the Teatro Faialense also started, two movies this weekend on for the kids, on for the parents. Of course there is some partying.

Last but not least, do not forget about the Cagarros, our birds with the funny chant. Be careful while driving at night, join the volunteers to save the birds.

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What's up in Faial, the best destination of the Azores