The parish of Pedro Miguel is located on the eastern side of Faial and has 700 inhabitants. Pedro Miguel is actually the site of a huge ancient collapsed volcano crater which was first to emerge out of the sea about 800.000 years ago. Pedro Miguel, similar to Riberhina has been hard hit by the earthquake of 1998, the reconstruction of the church of Pedro Miguel have started in 2020 only.

What to do in Pedro Miguel

Visit the special natural reserve Charcos de Pedro Miguel in the highlands. It has been created as an outpost of the Botanical Garden of Faial as sanctuary for endemic species and birds.

If you like small, secluded beaches, then go down to the Ponta de João Dias, and you will find a small sandy beach.

Go to the Reserva Florestal de Recreio do Cabouco Velho recreational park and have a barbeque.